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ProFauna Turtle Campaign

Frame Work 2005-2009



Turtle CampaignTurtle Campaign


  1. To increase the public’s awareness not to consume turtle meat.
  2. To increase public and local government’s awareness not to trade ornaments or tourist souvenirs made out of turtle’s shell.
  3. To urge the government to enforce the law against the turtle traders.
  4. To protect the coastal areas where the turtles breed by education and managed tourism.

Background Information:

ProFauna’s investigation in 1999 showed that around 27.000 turtles are slaughtered each year in Bali for meat. Although this has now decreased by 80% the turtle trade in Bali still takes place. Turtle meat in other areas such as Bengkulu (in Sumatra), Maluku (Moluccas) dan Jawa Tengah (central Java) is still consumed although not in the scale of Bali.

Turtles are captured not only for meat, but also for their shells which are made into ornaments or tourist souvenirs. The centres for this turtle shell souvenir trade are in Yogyakarta and in Makassar.

Since 2000 ProFauna has actively campaigned to protect turtles in Bali by demonstrating, lobbying, school visits, exhibitions, petitions and encouraging law enforcement. ProFauna also accompanies beach patrols to protect egg laying turtles along the Kuta Beach coast. This program has hugely benefited Kuta Beach as a tourist destination.