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Campaign Featuring Celebs



ProFauna's works on campaigning for the protection of wildlife and their habitats encourage some Indonesian celebs to support the organization. They are famous musicians and entertainers and have many fans all over the country. A-list music bands like SLANK, COKELAT, and LALUNA, as well as, entertainers like MELANIE SUBONO, EDDIE BROKOLI, and many more, are featured in ProFauna's campaigns for free.

These celebs help ProFauna campaign for the protection of wildlife and their habitats in their own ways. SLANK's personnels actively speak out for ProFauna through their newsletters and wear ProFauna's t-shirts at their concerts. This rock and roll band is featured in one of ProFauna's films called TOWARDS EXTINCTION. COKELAT, an alternative band, and LALUNA, a pop band, are also featured in this film. What is more, SLANK put ProFauna's logo on a cover of one of their records albums.

MELANIE SUBONO, a singer, joined a release of Javan langurs to back to their natural habitats, one activity that celebs rarely do. Likewise, EDDIE BROKOLI, an entertainer, attended ProFauna's Members Meeting and shared his experinces to support ProFauna with ProFauna's Members coming from all over Indonesia regions.

What do Indonesian celebs think about wildlife trade?


Marissa Nasution

"There are some animals which are just not supposed to live in a cage. Some people may think it is some kind of luxury to own them. There is a reason why it is called Wild Life. Stop the trade. Think again."


Melanie Subono

"I believe that animals can feel pain and need cares. We must help them"


Kaka (SLANK's vocalist)

"Stop animal cruelties! Don't hurt primates! I believe that humans and primates are relatives. Like us, primates in captivity must feel sorrow because they are separated from their families".

Abdee (SLANK's guitarist)

"I have no idea why God creates primates, but I am sure that they are not created to be hunted and killed!"


Kikan (COKELAT's vocalist)

"However best taken care of at home as pets, wildlife better live in their natural habitats".

Ervin (COKELAT's drummer)

"Many people love animals but they treat them wrong by keeping them in cages. Animals must live freely in the wild!"


Manik (LALUNA's vocalist)

"Everything which has life must have feeling. How do parrots feel if they are in captivity? Try to put ourselves in that position. How do humans feel if they are in captivity? Animals must be left to live freely in their natural habitats.".