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Indonesian celebrities support wildlife campaign

After launching the report "Terbang Tanpa Sayap" (Flying Without Wing) which contains ProFaunaís Investigation result on trade in parrots in Indonesia.More...

Cover Islam Cares for Animals

Islam Cares for Animals

Workshop of "Animal Welfare in Islam" had been held for 2 (two) days, on 22-23 May 2010 in two locations, namely Al-Hikam campus and Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC- ProFauna's education centre).More...

Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC)

Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC)

Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center is an informal education center concerning wild animal and its habitat.More...

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Videos & Images

29 April 2011

Mathias Muchus' Words for Indonesian Forests

10 January 2011

Sea Turtle eggs trade in Kalimantan

24 Nopember 2010

ProFauna helps animals victim of Merapi eruption

02 September 2010

ProFauna in 90 seconds

02 September 2010

Slank kampanye burung nuri di Maluku


News | 12 January 2012

Victory for Sea Turtles: Internal Affairs Ministry Instructing the Governors to Protect...

News | 29 December 2011

Help ProFauna Stop Wildlife Exploitation in Television Shows

News | 13 December 2011

ProFauna Applauds the Confiscation of 17 Wildlife in Lumajang - East Java

News | 17 November 2011

Illegal Parrot Trade in Maluku Continues

News | 12 October 2011

ProFauna's Conservation and Animal Welfare Campaign Through Islamic Approaches

News | 06 October 2011

ProFauna Activists Campaigning for Forest and Wildlife Protection by the Semeru Volcano

Press Releases

26 January 2012

ProFauna and Veterinary Students Protest Wildlife Exploitation in Television

13 January 2012

ProFauna Urges the Government to Ban Television Shows Exploiting Wildlife

24 November 2011

Melanie Subono Denounces Orangutan Massacres on Kalimantan

28 October 2011

Indonesia Hosting Sea Games XXVI, ProFauna Urges Law Enforcement On The Illegal Wildlife Trade in Palembang and Jakarta

09 August 2011

ProFauna Urges the Government to Fully Enforce the Law on the Death of Eight Sumatran Elephants in Bengkulu

06 June 2011

ProFauna's Public Campaign Of Primate Protection in Indonesia

26 Nopember 2010

80 Javan Langurs Founded in Cangar National Park

27 September 2010

Borneo Tribal Communities and ProFauna Met and Urged ...