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Messages from Founder | 02 September 2010
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Too Sweet, Too sweet to forget...

Rosek Nursahid, Founder ProFauna IndonesiaRosek Nursahid,
Founder ProFauna Indonesia

are some words in the song lyric of SLANK, ProFauna music band supporter, which was sung during the launch of ProFauna’s parrot conservation film in the Governor Office in North Maluku. Hundreds of the audiences who were also SLANK’s fans sang together with the band. The Governor, other officials, and leaders of the local people were also enjoying the song. The band which has millions fans all over Indonesia sang the song differently at that time. The moment could be described the same as the lyric, "too sweet to forget".

In the end of March, SLANK visited Sofifi City, Halmahera Island, about 1 kilometer crossing by boat from Ternate, the capital of North Maluku. SLANK’s visit to North Maluku was to campaign for parrot protection together with ProFauna instead of holding music concert. Even though the band held mini-concert and sang five songs including "Too Sweet" during the launch, SLANK’s coming was more to support the protection of Moluccan parrots which has been further threatened by extinction.

SLANK is an A-list music band in Indonesia and has tight schedule for holding concerts all over the country even overseas. Lucky for ProFauna and its conservation works as SLANK could come and support the parrot protection in Maluku and made the launch "too sweet to forget".

The sweet moment also included the award presentation by RSPCA, (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and also from ProFauna to the Governor of North Maluku and Sultan of Ternate Palace for their concerns on protecting Moluccan parrots. The awards were expected to motivate the Governor and the Sultan to care more about parrot conservation. ProFauna was specifically encouraging the Governor to publish the regional regulation, banning parrot poaching in smuggling from the wild of North Maluku. As quoted by BimBim, SLANK’s drummer, "North Maluku is rich of natural resources including the birds, this place is too sweet to forget. ……."

(Rosek Nursahid, pendiri ProFauna Indonesia)