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Other Campaigns | 29 December 2011
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Help ProFauna Stop Wildlife Exploitation in Television Shows

Stop Wildlife Exploitation on Television Shows

Recently, there have been more television shows in Indonesia broadcasting wildlife or wild animal semi documentaries in adventures, trips, delicacies, sports, games, etc. Receiving reports of inappropriate wildlife treatment from the public, ProFauna considers that the shows can be an adverse impact on wildlife conservation.

ProFauna records that such television programs tend to exploit wildlife. In some adventure and eco tourism series, the organization suspects that they are, like most reality shows; modified, manipulated, or contrived; which cause inhumane treatment to the wildlife. While most viewers consider the shows as documentaries, ProFauna thinks that they are mas public deception and violate the journalism and broadcasting ethics.

Such inhumane treatment to wildlife in the television programs can bring suffering and pain towards the animals. Moreover, for those exploiting the protected wildlife must violate the 1990 Indonesian wildlife act number 5 concerning the Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems. It is stated that it is illegal to capture, kill, keep, and trade the protected wildlife.

Furthermore, the shows will be counterprodutive for wildlife conservation efforts that are being promoted by the government and some conservation groups. They are not ethical and against animal welfare principles. The television shows should encourage the public to treat wildlife humanely, without violence, and supporting conservation efforts.

Help ProFauna by sending information!

ProFauna is collecting data and information relating to television programs exploiting wildlife. The programs can include television series, commercial breaks, or any shows. If you watch such programs, please send us the information of the date, time, title of the shows, and the wildlife exploitation form.

Contact us at: international@profauna.net or fax to +62 341 569 506

We will report the collected information to the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI).