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Press Release | 4th June 2008

Freedom For 17 Confiscated Green Peafowls



Freedom For 17 Confiscated Green PeafowlsFreedom For 17 Confiscated Green Peafowls

ProFauna Indonesia and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) are working to release 17 confiscated green peafowls (Pavo muticus muticus) to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in East Java, on the 4th of June 2008. The release is supported by the Natural Resources Conservation Unit (BKSDA) of the East Java Forestry Department, the authority in charge of the wildlife, and the National Park.

Green peafowls have beautiful plumage and are much sought after by traders and collectors. The confiscated green peafowls have been looked after at ProFauna's wildlife rescue center for four months. Previously the birds were under the custody of a wildlife rescue centre in Yogyakarta, Central Java. They were sent to ProFauna's wildlife rescue center in order to be released into the wild.

The magnificent birds were seized from some animal markets and residences in Java by the forestry authorities. Peafowl are protected birds and often illegally sold for IDR 200,000 or about US$ 22 in the animal markets in Ngawi, East Java, Pramuka market in Jakarta.

ProFauna Indonesia's chairman, Rosek Nursahid said, "The best home for wildlife is in the wild. Giving wildlife, including the peafowls, their freedom back is ProFauna's first priority".

The green peafowls are to be released in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park because it used to be the natural habitat of the green peafowls' in the 1970's and the species are now facing local extinction in the area. It is hoped that the green peafowls reintroduction would enrich biodiversity in the national park.

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