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Anti-Hawksbill Trade Presenting Giant Turtle



At noon, on 18 March 2003 the sun heat shines strongly over the Kuta beach, Bali. The weather is clear. The blue sky makes beautiful Kuta beach surrounding after a short shocking blast-making buildings crushed, last months. Now foreign tourists start to come again in the beach mingled with the local tourists. Kuta begins to come alive as the tourism center in Bali.

ProFauna campaigns on anti-hawksbill trade - presenting 'Giant Turtle'ProFauna campaigns on anti-hawksbill trade - presenting 'Giant Turtle'

At that suffocating heat, Kuta beach is fussed; it is not a blast, but the 'giant turtle' shoring right in front of Hard Rock café building. So huge, it is 12 meters! Tourists will be 'imposed' to see the 'giant turtle'. Right beside the 'giant turtle' spread out red banner titled 'STOP SLAUGHTERING TURTLE'! It was not a real turtle but turtle balloon which is similar to the real one. It was a campaign of ProFauna Indonesia against turtle slaughtering.

The two girls of ProFauna members wearing black costume with picture of ProFauna logo were spreading stickers titles "Stop Slaughtering Turtle Now" to the tourists passing through the café. Safeguard of the Kuta beach looked happy as well with the campaign while jointly safekeeping the area. Efforts of ProFauna members in "handling" the giant turtle gave effect on how this campaign is broadcasted by many TV stations such as RCTI, SCTV, INDOSIAR, TV7, TVRI and Bali TV and numbers of press media that covering the action completing with the picture.

ProFauna members are happy and proud. Another ProFauna members watch the campaign in TV. This campaign is just the starting point of some turtle campaigns of ProFauna in this year. Other campaigns will be held in other cities such as Yogyakarta, Makassar, and Jakarta. These cities identified as the central of trade of souvenir made of hawksbill turtle carapace. Please be ready for other ProFauna members in Jakarta, Yogya, and Makassar to welcome the giant turtle come to your town!

Besides campaign with giant turtle, ProFauna will support and fund the confiscation programs on products of hawksbill done by Forestry Department rangers. Trade on souvenirs made of hawksbill turtle must be stop right now!

For further information, please contact:

ProFauna Bali Representative
PO BOX 3435 DENPASAR 80034 HP. 08179706066
email: bali@profauna.net