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Until 2004 the number of wildlife which have been released to protected natural habitats is 45. These are: Javanese ebony langurs, leopard cats, hornbills, deers, and peacocks. They were released in the Wildlife Reserve at the Hyang mountain range in East Java. The release site is considered safe from the reach of ordinary men. It takes two days demanding climb to reach the top. The release operation is normally assisted by some ProFauna volunteers.

The release operation has to be carefully planned to include suitable site survey, crating and boxing of each species, veterinary preparation, transport by car, helicopter and by foot, supplies and personnal.

Hornbill in the wild after releasingHornbill in the wild after releasing

The latest releasing was done in October 2004. We are still monitoring the animals, and so far they survive and happy in the wild. This releasing program is cooperation between Forestry Department, ProFauna and Petungsewu Wild Animal Rescue Center.

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